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Why wait until you have a pest infestation problem, be proactive and take advantage of our lawn and ornamental spray services today. Protecting your landscape before it is attacked by unwanted guests is the only way to take care of your investment and save time and money. Call Organic Green Care today for more information on the many ways to prevent pest infestation, and to schedule an appointment with one of our Lawn and Ornamental Spraying specialists for a free consultation and estimate.

Based on our first meeting and consultation, we can provide you with a treatment plan and preventive measures. Our Horticultural Services Include:

  • Lawn Spraying – Turf Destroying Insects
  • Shrub Spraying – Ficus Whitefly Treatments
  • Anti-biotic for Lethal Yellowing – Palms
  • Systemic Insecticide Horticultural Spray
  • Fungicide Treatment
  • Scale Treatment
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Palm Fertilization
  • Shade and Flowering Tree Fertilization
  • Shrubs and Ornamental Fertilization

Landscape Design and Maintenance